Purpose: Our book nook is an inviting cozy space designed to spark or reinforce each child’s love of books and reading. The book nook is designed for the children and their parents to take a break from the hustle and bustle of mini town. Snuggle up with your little one and read through our ton of books, including books relating to each of our exhibits.


  • Read a story
  • Act out a story
  • Listen to a story during story time held several times a day

Curriculum values: Literature, language, music, history and art.

Audience: 0 to adult


Purpose: with our representations of seafood, diary, baked and a wide range of other produce, we offer opportunities for parents and children to explore different play roles while learning how to make healthy food choices. The grocery store also provides a platform for children and their parents to engage in a shopping and purchasing experience.

Roles: Customer, cashier, shop attendant


  • Children can have fun creating shopping lists and shopping on a budget
  • Picking out ingredients for a meal
  • Weighing produce on a scale
  • Restocking shelves
  • Treasure hunting
  • Running the cash register

Curriculum value: Economics, language, math’s, food and nutrition, social skills

Audience: 2 to adult


Purpose: Everyone loves food! The right kind of food keeps us strong and nourished. The bistro is the mini restaurant filled with different kinds of food textures ready to be explored. Using our imagination, this exhibit offers so many scenarios by which children and their families can engage.



Roles: Chef, server, cashier, kitchen maintenance personnel


  • Role play
  • Learn meal names
  • Learn about calories
  • Order meals
  • Mix and match orders on the menu
  • Make healthy combinations

Curriculum value: Economics, food and nutrition, language, math’s, social skills

Audience: Ages 3 to adult


Purpose: The theatre is a one of a kind child sized theater designed to introduce children to the wondrous world of the performing arts. Children are given the opportunity to express themselves through music, dance and drama related activities. Our professional theatre staff guide the children on their performances giving them an edge to work the stage and become budding entertainers


  • Reading and singing at karaoke
  • Dress up using props and costumes
  • Dance to short routines
  • Watch educational videos
  • Perform drama skits

Curriculum Value: Performing arts, Literature, Language.

Audience: Ages 2 to adult


Purpose: The STEAMLab is the ultimate workshop, providing space and resources for children to make connections about how science and engineering work. Children learn about the different science fields and connect their learning to the arts.



  • Maker Space
  • Visual Art
  • STEM Experiments
  • Workshops

Curriculum value: Physics, engineering, science, technology, mathematics.

Audience: Ages 5 to adult


Purpose: Money makes the world go round, but how? The mini bank gives children an opportunity to explore financial management. From managing a budget, to saving and spending while enjoying the fun of role-playing daily bank operations. Children and parents get engaged learning financial planning and money management skills.

Roles: Bank Manager, Cashier, Customer service personnel, Customer.


  • Role play
  • Open a bank account, deposit and withdraw your play money
  • Cash a cheque
  • Take out play money from the ATM
  • Learn about foreign currencies

Curriculum: Banking and Finance, economics, math’s, social skills.

Audience: Ages 5 to adult


Purpose: Our well-equipped vet’s office provides opportunities for children and their families to learn about animal health, hygiene and general pet information through imaginary play. Experiencing the importance of vet visits shows the child some responsibilities involved in owning a pet.

Concept: Families can have fun selecting a pet that is appropriate for their family, while the children role-play as vet doctors using all the necessary tools. The exhibit displays information on pet species and care information.

Roles: Vet, Vet assistant.


  • Role play
  • Examine pets
  • Groom and nurse pets back to health
  • Learn about pets using the trivia cards
  • Assemble the 3D dog anatomy activity box

Curriculum values: Biology, Language, maths.

Audience: Ages 2 to adult


Purpose: The construction zone allows families follow their curiosity and imagination to explore techniques needed to build structures. There are no right or wrong structures; everyone is an engineer in the construction zone. By interacting with this exhibit children will be able to build, invent and express their creativity using the panels of different sizes, nuts, bolts and other tools provided in the exhibit.

Roles: Engineer, Architect, Contractor.


  • Make a blue print of structure to be build
  • Build a structure using all tools provided
  • Monitor the integrity of structure being built

Curriculum values: physics, Art and design, math’s.

Audience: Ages 3 to adult


An outdoor learning space filled with intriguing stimuli and experiences to maintain a sense of wonder about our natural world, and reduce stress and anxiety for children and their families.

Includes themed gardens (alphabet garden, edible garden, economy garden, rock garden, healing garden), a pond, and several activity areas. The plants in our garden will certainly take a while to bloom and create the optimal experience with nature we have envisioned.

It is still nevertheless a lovely space to walk through and there are a number of activities to engage in, such as:

  • Outdoor Chess
  • Imagination Playground
  • Wazobia Village
  • Tire Mountain
  • Weather Station
  • Science In The Garden


Purpose: The glow graphix room is an exciting space for exploring creativity using florescent characters. Its colorful regular and irregular shapes, numbers and letters serve as tools for a child to create their own stories. Conceptual thinking, fine motor skill development and hand/eye coordination are all part of a learning experience in the Glow Graphix room.

Curriculum value: visual art & design, language, math’s.

Audience: 0- adult