About Us

Mindscapes Children’s Museum is Nigeria’s premiere Children’s museum; a specialized children’s museum that provides carefully designed and dynamic spaces, exhibits and programs to stimulate informal learning experiences for children in science, the arts, and history. It serve as an environment where the children can explore, discover, learn and create as well as a great resource centre for the educational sector. Mindscapes Children’s Museum is set up as a social enterprise, to serve both private and public sectors.

Hands on Research

Currently in Nigeria, there are no facilities available for children to have a wonderful learning experience outside their schools. Children make visits to Amusement Parks, Malls & Cinemas, Fun Turfs and Event Centres, and all these are mainly for entertainment. Mindscapes Children’s museum is a healthy blend of learning and fun, providing a safe environment to nurture creativity, play and lifelong learning. We will also serve as an educational amenity for both families and educators – a social center that offers a culturally sensitive forum to help build bridges throughout the community and create an atmosphere to stimulate the imagination of young children in their formative years.