Traditional museums focus on the preservation/research role, the primary aim being the preservation of heritage. At Mindscapes Children’s Museum, the audience takes precedence over the object, and the process of learning and empowerment of the learner through contact with objects overshadows the factual subject matter of an exhibit and the intrinsic value of the “things” in it. While there is a contrast in the focal points of traditional and children’s museums, the aim is the same. We preserve heritage by passing on knowledge, especially to the younger generation, and knowledge is the most important heritage to be acquired by any individual.

As informal education resources, we complement and supplement the formal education systems by aligning programs and exhibits with school curriculum.

Children’s museums provide a conducive environment for people of all ages. Our target audience into three broad groups based on age:

  1. Primary Target: 0 – 14 years
  2. Secondary Target: 15 – 64 years
  3. The elderly: 65 years and above.